How many people does each bus take?
Each of our Routemaster double-deckers can carry a maximum of 72 people. For comfort during your London By Routemaster Tour, we would recommend a number lower than this. Don’t forget that items such as buggies or strollers may account for some seating space. We’ll be happy to advise on any space or accessibility queries.   More than one Routemaster bus needed?  No problem!

Can we have our Tour guided in a language other than English?
Certainly! We will be delighted to provide a Tour Guide who speaks the language you require. One language per bus.

Can I just turn up and hop on?
Sorry, but, our London By Routemaster Tours are for groups, booked in advance.

Do you depart at set times from specific bus stops?
Our Group Tours are pre-booked by the group organiser, so we agree times and locations to suit, when the booking is made.

There are specific places I’d like my group to see. Can we vary the route?
Of course you can! Talk it through with our friendly Bookings team and we’ll work out a plan together.

Are there toilet facilities on the buses?
These are classic historic London Routemaster buses, looking just the way they used to. We can plan for suitable stops at public facilities, though.

Can we have food or drink aboard?
You’re welcome to bring your own soft drinks aboard. The pricing of our Tours does not include catering, but we can arrange canapes and light refreshments for your party if you wish. Our Bookings team will be happy to help.

Can the Routemaster buses be specially branded for us?
Yes, they can. Options vary from having your group or client name displayed in the destination windows at the front and rear of the Routemaster, to having graphic decals applied to the front, rear and sides. Talk with us about what you’d like. Our Bookings team will advise on costs and deadlines.

Are these old Routemaster buses safe?
Yes!   As holders of a Public Service Vehicle Operator Licence, the UK Government’s Department for Transport expects us to meet its exacting safety standards.  Our Routemaster buses are inspected and tested at regular intervals throughout the year to make sure they comply.


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